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2014 NPHC Week

Each year, the University of Michigan National Pan-Hellenic Council invites members of the campus community to attend a week-long of events in the beginning of the school year.

When should students join the Greek Community?

The decision to join a greek-letter organization during college can change a students life. Whether a student joins through a formal recruitment process, continuous opening recruitment or a membership intake process, there are activities and events during which students learn about the organization’s members, values and requirements.The question of when during the academic year these activities and events should take place and if first year students should participate is one that is often asked by administrators, parents, alumni, and students.   


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Michigan Ambassadors Program

The University of Michigan has a long-standing tradition of students, alumni, and fans gathering to celebrate the football season.  Students also come together to enjoy events such as Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.  It is important that these events are conducted in a safe, as well as enjoyable, manner.

Greek Week 2014

Greek Week 2014 took place March 25-April 2nd.  Fraternties and sororities from IFC, Panhel and MGC came togther to partipcate in nine days of fun, service and fundraising.   

2014 Variety winners photo