Greek Life

Men interested in joining an Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternity may participate in an open, informal recruitment process. Traditionally called "Rush," this occurs at the beginning of the fall and winter academic terms and provides multiple opportunities for both fraternities and potential members to interact. Through a series of public information events and informal gatherings with individual fraternities, students have ample time to find the right organization for them. These events include:

  • Mass meeting
  • Fraternity Forum
  • Fraternity open houses
  • Individual chapter events

Fall 2017 Schedule Information

The Process

During Fraternity recruitment it is important for interested men to thoroughly explore all opportunities available to them. The formal recruitment process provides students with a series of events which allow them to narrow down the chapters in which they are interested. Fraternity Forum is the start of the Formal IFC Recruitment period. This event is where students get an idea of which fraternities they want to learn more about and visit during Open Houses. All recruiting chapters will have a table at this event.

The other major event is the IFC Mass Meeting(fall semester only) where potential new members can get a better idea of what to expect out of Greek Life, and more specifically, the next few weeks of Recruitment. The IFC Executive Board will discuss the Recruitment process and answer questions.

Each semester a series of open houses are held where a limited number of chpaters host events on designated nights.. The chapters are grouped geographically, allowing potential members to visit as many chapters as they like. After Open Houses, men should have a good idea of a small number of chapters they wish to pursue. As the days proceed, chapters will issue invitations to upcoming events. This provides feedback as to chapters’ intentions.

At the end of the Individual Chapter events, chapters will hold invitation only events. Then each fraternity will provide IFC with a list of men to whom they are extending bids. On a designated day, rushees will then meet with representatives from IFC to receive their bids. It is possible to receive more than one bid, but a student may only accept one.


Before registering for recruitment, you must first complete a brief 20 minute educational module. Please click the link below to complete the module and register for recruitment. 

Pre-Recruitment Module 


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register?

Yes. You must register with IFC prior to the end of formal recruitment in order to receive a bid. To register, please click here. The sooner you register, the earlier that IFC and chapters will have access to your contact information in order for you to be contacted about upcoming events.

Registration for fall recruitment will open in August.

Registration for winter recruitment will open in December.


Should I attend Open Houses?

With such a large community, it is difficult to decide where to go for the actual Chapter Events. Open Houses allow you to check out many chapters in a short span of time. You will be able to narrow your choices and decide which groups interest you the most.


If I rush, do I have to join?

No. There is nothing to lose by rushing and there is no obligation to join. If you are offered a bid you may decide to accept, decline, or defer to another time.


Can I receive more than one bid?

Yes, you may receive more than one bid, but you can accept only one.


Are Individual Chapter Events open to everyone?

Open Houses events are open to everyone. After this most chapters will begin issuing invitations to closed events later in the week. If you have a question about the status of a chapter event, please contact the Office of Greek Life.


Is there a fee to join a fraternity?

Besides the financial obligations to your fraternity, there is a $30 fee that is paid to IFC when you accept your bid.

Fall 2017 Dates

Mass Meeting 
September 7th - 7:00pm Michigan League

Fraternity Forum

September 11th - 7-9pm Michigan League

Open Houses

September 12, 13, 14, 18 and 19